April 5, 2006

Complete Home Renovation

Complete renovation including ceramic tile, baseboard and paint.

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April 1, 2006

Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation

Complete bathroom and kitchen renovation. Floor, vanity, sink, toilet and bath tub replacement. Ceramic floor and shower backsplash tiles.

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At Royal Edge we offer a wide variety of innovative solutions

We Offer The Following Services:

Ceramic, marble, granite and flagstone installation

Plumbing, heating, electrical work and H-Vac

 Drywall framing, installation and taping

 Heated Flooring, stainless steel, baseboard and trim work

 Concrete, cabinetry, decks and many other options with paint

 Full kitchen, bathroom and entrance renovations

 Restoration of natural stone and ceramics

Satisfaction is mandatory and all work is completely guaranteed.

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